1.2 million students have opted out of traditional schools in the past two years.

Families are exiting classrooms and heading for new frontiers. 

That leaves us with a few big questions: 

1. Why are families leaving traditional schools? 

2. Where are they going?

3. Will children still learn what they need to learn to thrive? 

You want something better for your kid - but where do you start? And, how do you know you’re doing the right thing? That’s how rebelEducator can help.

rebelEducator is here to improve your kid’s education

The institutional education model is over one hundred years old, broken, on pharmaceutical life support, and seriously in need of creative energy. Models for new kinds of education are everywhere, but the notion of how we’re “supposed to” school our kids has enormous momentum. Parents and changemakers aren’t rioting in the streets, though–instead, we’re leading by successful example. 

We gather education news, the best programs, and innovative tools from our (extremely helpful) community and then show you data on how it really works. We’re always invested in what works rather than what sounds nice. 

What unites this community is a pretty simple philosophy. 

School sucks

Kids don’t like school–a cliche so deep half of the movies in the 80s were about that. But, as we can sometimes forget, kids are born with a love for learning. Give them something they are actually interested in, and they will study it endlessly. Some kids are more intellectual, others more practical; some love projects and others love discussion. Why can’t we base their entire education on their unique, intrinsic drive? 

We may not be perfect, but we can at least do much better than the current systems. And plenty of people already are. 

We’re just spreading the word.  

Passion > coercion

We believe in letting kids figure it out for themselves as much as you (the parents) can possibly stand. They shouldn’t be micromanaged for 18 years and then tossed into the world. For example:

Want a new bike? 

How’re you going to pay for it? 

Want to be great at basketball? 

How do the best players practice? 

Want to be a marine biologist? 

What subjects do you need to master, and what college do you need to get into? 

All kids are possessed by ravenous curiosity about the world, and then somehow (with great effort), we train it out of them. However, once they can connect their daily tasks with real results (money for the new bike) instead of hypothetical goals (an A on a math test), they suddenly rise to the occasion without badgering or coercion.

Kids are intrinsically motivated by the things that interest them. If they don’t know how what they’re learning helps to advance those personal goals, learning can feel like a battle. If adults around them can help unearth and clarify those goals and connect them to a proven framework for reaching them, then letting kids “figure it out” is the best possible thing for them.

Information is free

If your kid wants to know about psychology, for example, the internet has video lectures from the best thinkers on the planet… for free. And they can learn at their own pace. 

All the greatest minds of math, philosophy, and science–all free, online, and easy to consume. Truly, we live in an incredible time. But the machinery of classrooms was built for an industrial age: factories, cogs, gears, bells, rows. But the future of work is brighter, wider, and greener than the 19th century's stricture. Our future knowledge workers need paths, not fences; bridges, not walls; forests, not classrooms. The future of work is in play and freedom, not recitation and memorization. The curiosity of children is limitless. When they do not choose their path, no amount of money can induce them. When they pursue it, no obstacle can deter them. 

And, when information is free, all that’s left of value is the potential, creativity, and curiosity of the individual. 

So, above all, we believe the potential of each child is practically limitless. It’s a crime to waste it.

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