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I'd be curious to actually discuss this post with you. I'm a conservative politically but have spent the last 25 years creating things on behalf of some of the most creative companies in the world (adidas, Coca-Cola, Sony, etc.). My wife is highly conscientious and is geared toward getting things done (we make great partners for this reason) but she swings far more to the left with her politics. Go figure.

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This is how I see it:

1) There's a huge problem in our education system today. It doesn't teach our children the skills needed to survive (& thrive) in a future that is being revolutionised by technology (AI, metaverse, web 3.0, unreal digital realities, social media etc.)

2) To survive and thrive in the age of technology, we need MORE creativity. This will set us apart from machines & algorithms - your human, innate creativity. Your story, your reason for being. Unlikely to be replaced by a machine (for now).

3) Because of that, we need to instill a stronger sense of creativity, which, in my opinion, is the most powerful force in the universe.

4) So as a parent, I believe there should be a strong instillment of creativity within my kids - because maybe (just maybe), technology will eventually replace all the operational, managerial, conscientious type of work. As the name suggests, it's the basic and predictable type of tasks that can be done by AI.

5) Hence, creativity could likely be the scarce resource, the new oil, the currency of the future? And the demand for authenticity would increase in time to come?

I agree that we should be balanced when it comes to being creative and conscientious, but I believe the future is gonna require more creativity than conscientiousness.... and as parents and educators, we should help our children understand this reality and give them the skills needed to thrive in that environment....

Just my thoughts :)

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